Conference Daily Schedule

The what, when, and how of it all

A format for Success

Each of our locations for IAR DevCon follow the same format, starting at 10am, ending at 5pm

Time Details


Keynote address, covering:
  • Market Outlook
  • Upcoming Products Preview
  • IAR Outlook
  • How to Build Trust
  • The Need for More Optimized Code
  • Security Threats


Track 1: One toolbox, one view, one uninterrupted workflow. As simple as that.
  • Raise your application performance by tuning your code
  • Enforce best coding practices in every single line of code
  • Avoid common pitfalls with enhanced coverage using trace
  • Understanding the requirements and certification efforts for safety

- OR -

Track 2: Straightforward, scalable and sustainable security from product inception by Secure Thingz.
  • Why securing your project from inception should be non-negotiable
  • Exploring security in the development workflow
  • Maintaining security after product rollout
  • Delivering a core set of security critical services


Join IAR Systems' Technical Team for a two-hour hand's-on lab session. Using the building and debugging capabilities of IAR’s Embedded Workbench on a board based on either an Arm or RISC-V core (your choice!), you will build and debug application code as you would in your own lab. IAR applications engineers will help you get the most from the tools. The board is yours to keep after the session so you can continue exploring and learning.